Connecting Unbounce and Lead Prosper

Because Unbounce is designed to be a no-code solution that anyone can use, it’s a great match for Lead Prosper users who rely on the ease-of-use of the Lead Prosper distribution platform. Recognizing this synergy, we’ve made connecting the two solutions as seamless as possible.

Within Unbounce, go to Pages and click on the Unbounce landing page you want to connect to Lead Prosper.

From there, click on Unbounce Integrations, then Webhooks, and click +Add Webhook. The URL your Unbounce Webhook will post data to should be

Under Unbounce Form Data, you’ll want to map the data you’re ingesting into your Lead Prosper campaign with the fields collecting on your Unbounce landing page. Keep in mind that these fields do not need to be labeled the same way — ie, a first name field with the label fname on your Unbounce pages could be called first_name in Lead Prosper. By mapping up the fields, you’re simply telling the two systems what kind of data is being sent.

Under Unbounce Page Data, you can choose to send whichever fields you want into your Lead Prosper campaign. In most cases, you’ll want to include ip_address, date_submitted and time_submitted, and page_url, so make sure your Lead Prosper campaign includes fields for this data. Like the Unbounce Form Data, the names are not required to match as long as you map the fields correctly. And finally, under Custom Fields, you’ll want to add the three identifiers for your Lead Prosper campaign: lp_campaign_id, lp_supplier_id, and lp_key. You’ll put the values found in your campaigns API specs in the Value(s) column on the left, and the field name (ie, lp_campaign_id) in the column on the right. If you’re not sure how to find the API specs for your Lead Prosper campaign, check out the video in the top right corner of your screen. In addition to the three campaign identifiers, you might want to add one additional custom field in order to test the connection between your form and Lead Prosper campaign without sending test data through to your buyers. By adding the lp_action field in the column on the right and putting the value as test, you specify to the Lead Prosper platform that you’re in testing mode and incoming data doesn’t represent actual leads. If you choose to use the testing parameter, BE SURE TO REMOVE IT when you’re ready to go live. Otherwise, real people will submit their data on your landing page and these leads will never be routed to your end buyers.

Save the webhook, click “Done,” and go to the Unbounce Page overview tab. If you’ve added lp_action with the value “test” to your webhook, click on the Unbounce page URL to go to the landing page and enter some dummy data. Hit submit and go to Lead Prosper, clicking on the Leads tab and choosing the campaign you want to view leads for. In just a few seconds, the test lead you submitted should appear, and your Unbounce landing page is successfully connected to your Lead Prosper campaign.

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