How to Route Leads Directly from GoHighLevel to Lead Prosper

This support document will walk you through routing leads directly from GoHighLevel to Lead Prosper. To watch a tutorial on this topic click here

Under the “Automation” tab click the “Create Workflow” button and then click “Create New Workflow”

Once you’ve created a Workflow , click “Add your first Action” and scroll down to “Webhooks” 

Give your Webhook a name, select POST as the method, and ensure that the posting URL is set to

Add the 3 hard coded values lp_campaign_id, lp_campaign_id, and lp_key, which can be found in your API specs 

The next step is to add fields to the Webhook. The fields on your API specs will go in the “Key” section on the left-hand side of the “Custom Data” region. The fields collected on your form in GoHighLevel will go in the “Value” section on the right hand side. We recommend copying and pasting the field names from your API specs into the “Key” sections to help avoid any potential errors. To add the corresponding fields from your form to the “Value”, click the tag icon on the right hand side and select the option that matches the fields from your API specs 

Be sure to add  “lp_action” with “test” as the value so when you test your Workflow it will be flagged as a test lead in the Lead Prosper system. You will remove this later after getting a successful test result

Finally, add the header “Content-Type” and the value “application/json”

Select “Save Action” at the bottom of the Webhooks tab and then click the “Save” button in the top right corner of your screen 

To test, click “Test Workflow” and then select a contact to test from the drop down menu. Make sure that you select a record that contains the fields that are required in your campaign or the lead will fail

After sending the test, click over to the “History” tab, find the executed Webhook, and click on the “More Details” icon 

This will show you the status of the lead in the Lead Prosper system. You can also find this information under the analytics tab in your Lead Prosper campaign dashboard 

The final step is to remove the lp_action “test” from the Webhook settings. Click on the trashcan icon to remove the test action and then select “Save Action” at the bottom right of your screen

That’s all there is to sending leads from GoHighLevel to LeadProsper. If you have any questions please watch our video here or email us at

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