Leadconduit Direct Post Buyer Setup

This document will walk you through setting up a Leadconduit direct post buyer in Lead Prosper. To watch a video tutorial on this topic click here

To begin, you'll need a copy of your Leadconduit buyer's API specs. Below we have the sample specs we'll be using for this example. At the top, is the submission or posting URL. Copy this URL to paste into your Lead Prosper campaign

Before clicking over to your campaign homepage, scroll down below the fields section to get the Request Method and Response type. Here you can see they strongly recommend using POST. The request will be a form query and the response will be JSON. To the right of the Method we have an example of the payload

Click over to the campaign homepage and paste the submission URL. Then select POST and form and the Request method and Payload type

Next are fields. Since it is not listed which fields are required, pass all the fields that you have

Once your payload is complete with its fields set-up, it should resemble the one seen below. Below the payload builder, the header Content-Type will automatically be added here after you select the Payload type above

Finally, for response mapping, scroll down to the bottom of the API specs to get the key and value for an Accepted response. As you can see here, the key for an Accepted lead will be outcome and the value will be success

The API specs don't mention a dupe response, so for a duplicated lead enter body contains and duplicate as the value, so that anything in the response body containing the world duplicate is marked as a dupe. This is a failsafe when API specs don’t mention a dupe response. As always, if a lead is not flagged as a success or duplicate, Lead Prosper will log it as an error

That’s all there is to a Leadconduit direct post buyer setup. As always if you have any questions please use the support button or email us at support@leadprosper.io

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