Add a lead supplier - Single buyer

Before getting started, here are a few things to know: 

  • A Supplier in Lead Prosper refers to the client that is generating leads for you, or your buyer. 
  • In order to add a supplier to a campaign, you must have a campaign created.
  • You should already have your supplier added as a client. If you do not have the client added and you have already started, you will be given an opportunity to add a client in the add a supplier process.

Add a supplier to a single buyer campaign

From the dashboard, after logging in: 

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Find the single buyer campaign you wish to add a supplier to, and click the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Scroll down to the supplier section, and choose +New.
  4. Follow the prompts, and click Finish when complete to add your supplier.

*Note: You can add unlimited suppliers to a a single buyer campaign.

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