Integrating Lead Prosper with Everflow for Affiliate Tracking

This support document will walk you through the process of passing data from Lead Prosper back to Everflow

This is a minimal Everflow setup. Please contact your Everflow account manager if you have specific questions on how to change offers, payouts, or other details

Before getting started, you need to create a text field titled ef_transaction_id in your campaign that will be used for mapping your Everflow transaction ID

Log in to Everflow and go to Offers. Create a new offer. We’ll call our’s LP Test for this example. Pick a client and a category

Next is the Base destination URL. This is  the URL of your landing page that your affiliates will be redirected to. Enter the URL of your landing page with /?ef_transaction_id= appended at the end

The next step is to to add the shortcode for your transaction_id after the 'ef_transaction_id='

1) Click the curly brackets icon to the right of the text area

2) Search for transaction id

3) Copy the transaction_id shortcode

4) Paste it at the end of your URL

Once done you should have a URL that looks something like:


The transaction ID is the most crucial piece of information shared between Lead Prosper and Everflow. This ID will track conversions, the publisher that is sending the traffic, payout amounts, etc

Click Next at the bottom of the offer. The revenue and payout section will be set up with your account manager For this example we’ll be setting up a 80 / 20 split, so we’ll set the Revenue to RPS = 80 %, and the Payout to CPS = 20%. This will set it up so that the revenue and payout numbers will be calculated dynamically based on the sale or conversion amount that we pass back to Everflow. Remember - This is just an example set up - your Revenue and Payout options should be discussed with your Everflow account manager

Under the tracking and controls section, ensure the conversion method is set to Server Postback. The rest of the settings will need to be figured out with your Everflow account manager. For the unique session identifier we recommend selecting IP and 30 days as the session duration. This will ensure that no duplicate conversions are coming in from the same IP address

The attribution, targeting, fail traffic, creatives, and email sections will all be determined by you and  your Everflow account manager

The next step is to add partners. Click on Partners, Manage, then Add. A partner in Everflow is generally an affiliate, revshare partner, or any other source or channel that you want to track for promoting your Offers. They will receive the tracking link for your Offer and send Users to that link, with the goal of driving successful conversions. For this example we’ll call our Partner Test Partner. Here you can create a login for the Partner so that they can see their offers

Once you’ve created the Partner, click back to the offer and add the Partner to it using the Partner Visibility Settings. Once you’ve added the Partner, they now have access to the offer.

To allow a Partner to send traffic, click on the three dots to the right of the Partner and click get tracking link

This will give you a URL with the ef_transaction_id that will take you to the website you previously set up. This form is linked with Lead Prosper

Enter test data into the fields and hit submit

Click back to your Lead Prosper campaign and view the leads from your supplier

Here you will see the test lead complete with the ef_transaction id

If the buyer has dynamic pricing we’ll set up a webhook in a way that sends the price back. Set a Rule Configuration that says IF the Lead Status is Equal to Accepted, then Add a new action. We’ll call this action Everflow

Click back to the offer details. Here we see the conversion in the Tracking section.  Copy this URL to Post into the webhook action

Select Get as the Request Method. This will automatically make the payload type a query string

Highlight everything in the URL after the ?, and then cut and paste that into the body of the webhook payload, replacing the information that was previously in the payload body.

You’ll then replace TRANSACTION_ID with {{ef_transaction_id}} 

To grab the lead amount, add amount={{lp_lead_sell_price}} to the payload builder. You can also add sub_ids here if needed. Click Save

Now click back to the offer and copy the Test partner’s tracking link again. 

Go to this URL and submit a new offer. We’ll call ours eftest2

Click back to Lead Prosper to view the new test lead. Click over to the triggers log. Here you can see where the conversion was sent and the amount it was sold for

You can then copy the transaction id and search in Everflow to easily find the conversion

Here you can view the details of the conversion. The $25 conversion resulted in a $20 revenue and a $5 payout, based on the example 80/20 split we set up earlier

That’s all for this support document. Once again, this is a minimal Everflow setup. Please contact your Everflow account manager if you have specific questions on how to change offers, payouts, or other details

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