Routing Leads From Lead Prosper to GoHighLevel API v2.0

GoHighLevel recently changed the way their API works. This article will walk you through how to post leads directly to their platform with the new changes.

Part I: Set up Workflow in GoHighLevel

  1. Go to your GoHighLevel Dashboard. Click on Click here to Switch to select the sub account you want the leads directed to.

  1. Locate the sidebar on the left hand side and click on Automation once you're in the sub account.

  1. Click on Create Workflow in the upper right hand corner and select Start from Scratch in the dropdown menu.

  1. Click on Add Trigger.

  1. Click on Inbound Webhook under list of events in the right hand panel.

  1. Copy the URL to paste into Buyer Settings in Lead Prosper.

Part II: Set up Test Leads in Lead Prosper

  1. Open your Lead Prosper buyer page for the campaign you are working on. Paste the URL from GoHighLevel into the Post URL box. Under Request Method, make sure you have POST selected. Under Payload Type, make sure you have Form selected.

  1. Click the Generate payload from current field configuration to automatically include all campaign fields into your body. You can also customize the body if you don't need all of the campaign fields.

  1. For response mapping, change the following fields. In the Accepted fields, select key contains for the Condition, select status for the Key, and insert Success as the Value.

    For the Duplicated fields, select response contains for the Condition, insert body for the Key, and insert duplicate for the Value. Be sure to Save the buyer mapping when you're done.

  1. Click on Test Buyer to test if everything is mapped correctly.

  1. Click on Send request to send a test lead to GoHighLevel.

Part III: Mapping the Request

  1. Go back to your GoHighLevel campaign workflow. Click on Fetch Sample Requests and select the first item that populates in the drop down menu.

  1. Below Mapping References, the payload will populate from the lead info sent over from Lead Prosper. Double check to make sure the data is the same as what was sent from Lead Prosper. If it checks out, click Save Trigger on the bottom right.

  1. Now we need to map the fields we received form Lead Prosper in order to add the lead as a contact in GoHighLevel. To do this, select Create Contact under the triggers.

  1. Name the action whatever suits your needs. Next, we will work on setting up our fields under Action Name.

  1. From the dropdown, you can select a variety of fields to map. These are the fields that will be saved in GoHighLevel. They should match the fields sent over from Lead Prosper.

  1. After you select a field, a box and a tag will appear to the right of it. Click the tag to open another dropdown.

  1. Click Inbound Webhook Trigger.

  1. Click the corresponding field incoming from Lead Prosper to match the field you selected to have on GoHighLevel. Map the rest of your necessary fields into GoHighLevel.

  1. Once you add all the fields into GoHighLevel, click Save Action on the bottom right half of the screen.

  1. Be sure to switch this workflow from Draft to Publish, otherwise when a lead is sent through they will not properly post to GoHighLevel. Click Save above that.

  1. To test that the leads are actually going through and creating contacts in GoHighLevel, go back to the Test Buyer on Lead Prosper and click Generate Payload. Send another request. This will send a data set to test with so we don't send previously used data.

  1. Once the request goes through on the Test Buyer, go back to GoHighLevel and click Back to Workflow.

  1. Click on Contacts on the left side of the screen.

Part IV: Check that the Leads Successfully Made It Into GoHighLevel

  1. Now you see that you have successfully routed a lead directly to GoHighLevel. You can check by seeing if the data on this contact is the same data that was generated on the Test Buyer in Lead Prosper.

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