Campaign Settings

Included with your Lead Prosper account are various additional settings used to enhance and optimize leads within your campaigns.

Internal dupe checker

When activated, you can set a time period and a combination of fields. If a duplicate lead comes through based on the fields you've selected and it within the time period, a DUPLICATE response will be sent back to your lead supplier client and the lead will not be sent to your lead buyer client.

Activate Pre-Ping URL

When activated, an additional API will be available in the API spec given to your lead supplier client. Similar to the Internal dupe checker, this will allow a lead supplier client to "Pre-Ping" this campaign based on the fields selected to see whether or not Lead Prosper will consider the lead a DUPLICATE. This is a common practice when buying co-reg type leads as the lead suppliers might have multiple potential buyers lined up for the same lead.

Lead Sell Price Override

Advanced feature - Only use this feature if you wish to overwrite the lead sell price you (will) define when building your lead buyer for this campaign.

  • If "dynamic price" for a buyer is activated, it will have priority over this setting.

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