Campaign - Multi Buyer - Settings

Included with your Lead Prosper account are various additional settings used to enhance and optimize leads within your campaigns.

Internal dupe checker

When activated, you can set a time period and a combination of fields. If a duplicate lead comes through based on the fields you've selected and it within the time period, a DUPLICATE response will be sent back to your lead supplier client and the lead will not be sent to your lead buyer client.

Activate Pre-Ping URL

When activated, an additional API will be available in the API spec given to your lead supplier client. Similar to the Internal dupe checker, this will allow a lead supplier client to "Pre-Ping" this campaign based on the fields selected to see whether or not Lead Prosper will consider the lead a DUPLICATE. This is a common practice when buying co-reg type leads as the lead suppliers might have multiple potential buyers lined up for the same lead.

Send Buyers Within the API Response

This option will return in the API response to your supplier the list of buyers (name, email, phone) that accepted the lead and at what price. * Only enable this if you are ok with this data being passed back to your supplier. *
The extra information returned is useful in a few cases. One example will be for a phone call hot-transfer, where, if your buyer client was configured properly, your supplier can parse the response, extract the phone number, and do a hot-transfer to that phone number. Another case might be when you want to track internally other stats that Lead Prosper does not.

Lead Sell Price Override

Advanced feature - Only use this feature if you wish to overwrite the lead sell price you (will) define when building your lead buyer for this campaign.

  • If "dynamic price" for a buyer is activated, it will have priority over this setting.

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