Lead Prosper has unlimited ways to filter incoming data in order to help you dial in on the exact characteristics of an ideal lead for you, or your lead buyers, product or service.

  • Filters are overlaid on the fields you have created for your campaign.
    • You pre-define parameters of what you expect to receive in each field in order to Allow or Block certain criteria from being accepted or rejected by Lead Prosper.
    • Field types play a large role in filtering due to the field formats available for each field.
  • You can create 1 filter per field within your campaign.
  • Filters added to campaigns will show on the posting documents you send to your lead suppliers so that they know how to format and filter the data on their side before submitting to you.
  • Filters are optional - not required to send and receive data through Lead Prosper.

Filters are Case-Insensitive

  • The filtering system is case-insensitive. When parsing and executing filters for incoming requests, they will be evaluated as case insensitive. 
    • EX: if your input receives M, and your filter is defined as "m", the request will be valid. 


  • when adding a filters value, you may notice them in the saved filters list with a different character case - this is OK and working as intended. 
    • EX: you might add "M" and "F" as a gender filter, but in the list they will display as "m" or "f". 

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