Lead Prosper has unlimited ways to filter incoming data in order to help you hone in on the exact characteristics of an ideal lead for your, or your lead buyers, product or service.

  • Filters are overlaid on the fields you have created for your campaign
    • You pre-define parameters of what you expect to receive in each field in order to Allow or Block certain criteria from being accepted or rejected by Lead Prosper.
    • Field types play a large role in filtering due to the field formats available for each field.
  • You can create 1 filter per field within your campaign.
  • Filters added to campaigns will show on the posting documents you send to your lead suppliers so that they know how to format and filter the data on their side before submitting to you.
  • Filters are optional - not required to send and receive data through Lead Prosper

Filter Examples

Enabling filtering on the fields within your Lead Prosper campaigns can make an enormous difference in the performance of your leads - but how are they applied? Lets take a look at some real world examples:

1 - Diabetic Product Call center

Lets say we have a call center selling diabetic supplies. We are looking for specific consumers (Suffering form Diabetes), with specific insurances (Medicare), in specific states (Florida, Texas, California, New York).

  • The required data points we need to conduct business are:
    • Patient name, Phone number, Address, City, State, Zip, Insurance Type, Diabetes type
  • Once we have created these fields our Lead Prosper campaign, we can now apply filters to those fields.
    • Phone number field filter (Field type: Phone)
      • We can apply a filter on the Phone field to Allow or Block certain phone numbers. Say you already have a large customer base, and you want to Block any potential leads from being accepted by your campaign that match a customer you already have. Here is where you can upload or type in those numbers so that Lead Prosper will know to reject those leads as they come in in real time.
        • We are essentially creating a suppression file of the leads we do not want to accept. Lead Prosper will check that list of phone numbers each time a new lead comes in to make sure the new lead is unique.
        • Applying a filter like this can make a huge difference in your campaign budgets. Running campaigns like the above, we typically see 30% or more duplication rates. Imagine spending 30% or more of your marketing budget on customers you already have. Now imagine optimizing that extra 30% to purchase even more leads.
    • State field filter (Field type: State)
      • We can apply a filter on the State field to Allow or Block leads coming from certain states we define. In our example above, we know that we can only do business in 4 states - FL, TX, CA, and NY. We apply a filter on the campaign for our call center to Allow FL, TX, CA, and NY states
        • When a new lead is submitted, Lead Prosper will check the list of states, and accept or reject those leads based on your pre-defined action.
    • Insurance type field filter (Field type: Text)
      • We can apply a filter on the Insurance type text field to Allow or Block certain insurance types we define. Since we know for this campaign that we can only service patients with Medicare insurance, we can apply a filter thats action is to Allow only the value: medicare.
        • When a lead is submitted, Lead Prosper will check the Allowed values within the campaign, and accept or reject those leads based on what you pre-defined.

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