Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. 

Popular ways to use the Zapier integration

  • Adding your leads to a shared Google Spreadsheet.
  • Sending yourself a notification when a new lead is posted.
  • Adding your leads to a huge list of available CRM integrations.
  • Creating tasks with Project Management Apps.

Zapier Resources

Zapier is a 3rd party software. Please refer to the following articles in the Zapier knowledge base to help you get started:

Setting up your Zap

  1. Create your Lead Prosper campaign. Ensure you have at least 1 supplier, as setting up Zapier needs your Lead Prosper campaign to be fully configured. When reaching your buyer setup at the "Real time" action step select "Direct Post".
  2. In your Zapier account, navigate to "Create Zap" page.
  3. In the "Trigger" section, search and select "Webhooks by Zapier" as the app.
  4. Select "Catch Hook" as your Trigger Event and click Continue.
  5. Copy the Custom Webhook URL provided by Zapier. Go back to your Lead Prosper buyer setup and enter it in the Post URL field.
  6. In your Lead Prosper buyer setup, make the following changes.

    1. enter the URL you copied from Zapier to the Post URL field .
    2. set Request Method to POST.
    3. set Payload type to form.
    4. set the payload to include all your campaign fields. You can click on the "Generate payload from current field configuration", which will configure the payload to send all your defined fields.
    5. set Response type to JSON.
    6. configure the Accepted response:
      1. Key: status, 
      2. Condition: equal with
      3. Value: success
    7. configure the Duplicate response (note: Zapier does not return duplicates).
      1. Key: status, 
      2. Condition: equal with
      3. Value: -

  7. Save your buyer and go back to your edit campaign page. Assuming your campaign configuration is complete, you will see the "Test buyer" button at the top of the page. Click it.
    Once on the test page, click "Generate data" and then "Send request". You should see an Accepted test. The result should be something similar to this:
  8. Return to Zapier. Click Continue. You will then see the Test trigger page. Click Test Trigger button. You should see here the test request that Lead Prosper sent. Click Continue
  9. At this point, you're half-way done. Lead Prosper will send requests to Zapier. It is time to add one or more Actions to your Zap. Zapier integrates with hundreds of applications. Start typing in the "Search apps" box the application that you are trying to add, or select it from the list of apps that appear on-screen
  10. Once you have chosen an app, you will need to select an action or event. In our example we will use Google Sheets to demonstrate how to properly map your fields.
    Our event of choice will be "Create Spreadsheet Row"
    Same as we did when connecting our Lead Prosper account, we will be asked to connect our Google account and select the Spreadsheet file where we want our leads to be written.
    Once we selected the correct file, we will be prompted to map the cells with the data from our campaigns. This process is similar to any other app you select, like sending an email, SMS or adding that lead to an automated email sequence.
    All we have to do now is go through all the fields and select the correct field matching our test data that we obtain in step 7. By default, Zapier displays only the first 3 fields, but you can easily search for any field that belongs to that campaign in the search box that is displayed when trying to match a field.
  11. Last step will be to test your integration and ensure that your example lead is passed to your correct app and everything works as expected
  12. Once you confirmed that everything worked, it is time to enable the Zap by clicking the "Turn on Zap" button
  13. Congratulations! Your leads will be passed from Lead Prosper to Zapier and then your automation flow will be executed

Of course, this was just one example on how to use Zapier. With the growing list of apps that Zapier is adding every week, there should be nothing that you could not do with your leads.

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