Navigating the dashboard

The Lead Prosper dashboard should be your first stop when conducting your day to day management of campaigns within the platform. We've created a simple account wide view with links to detailed breakdowns to see whats going on with the leads you are routing.

Dashboard Quick Stats

The Dashboard quick stats are an account wide snapshot of what is going on with your lead flow.

  • Profit - Revenue generated by your buy and sell prices for all campaigns.
  • Ingested - How many leads attempted to process.
  • Accepted - The total number of leads that passed your filtering and validations, and were accepted into the Lead Prosper platform and sent to your endpoint/buyer.
  • Failed - The total number of leads that failed filters and validations or rejected by the endpoint/buyer.

Since the dashboard shows only an account wide view of all your campaigns, we turned each of the 4 highlighted metrics - Ingested, accepted, duplicated and failed - into links to analytics, where you can see a detailed breakdown of all the campaigns that contribute to the numbers shown on the dashboard.

The Lead Prosper Dashboard also includes a date selector so that you can get an overview of your account through our pre-determined date ranges. Dashboard stats update every 5 seconds.

Lead Prosper Balance Snapshot

The next module on the Lead Prosper dashboard gives a simple overview of your usage within the platform and your remaining balance. In addition to in-bound and out-bound requests as showed in the image above, you will see any validation and storage charges shown in this area. To see a more detailed drill down of your Lead Prosper usage, visit your usage page by clicking here.


From your dashboard, you can also see the latest alerts that Lead Prosper has sent, and their current statuses. To get a more in-depth picture of what alerts are firing, click Show all, or visit the monitoring tab by clicking here.

If you do not have alerts setup in your account, you can visit the Monitoring alerts tab in your Lead Prosper account by clicking here to set them up.

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