The campaigns tab is where all of your campaigns are housed. Created campaigns are stored with their own line item, including options to edit, clone, delete, and even access the logs of data for each individual campaign. 

Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign:

  1. From the campaign tab, in the upper right hand corner of the window, select +New.
  2. The Choose campaign type window will pop, asking you select a Single Buyer or Multi Buyer campaign type.
    1. Single Buyer
      1. A single buyer
      2. One or more suppliers
    2. Multi Buyer
      1. A single supplier
      2. One or more buyers
  3. Select the campaign type that matches the campaign you wish to build and select Next to begin the campaign creation wizard.

Filtering Campaigns

Narrow down your campaigns by a specific client or unique campaign.

  • Lead Prosper offers 2 ways to filter campaign results:
    • by Client
      • In the filter window, select or search for the specific client you would like to see which campaigns are associated with that specific client.
    • by Campaign
      • In the filter window, select or search for the specific campaign you would like to manage

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