Campaign Basic Information - Multi Buyer

In this step, we are naming the campaign, defining the vertical of the data., and selecting the type of multibuyer campaign

  • The name is going to be the identifier for the campaign within Lead Prosper. 
    • The name used here will be on the API specifications generated by Lead Prosper, which you will give to your lead suppliers.

Follow these steps to setup your basic info section of the campaign:

  1. Name: Enter a name in the Campaign basic info section. The name should be something that will allow you to easily identify this campaign. You will see this name in various parts of Lead Prosper as well as on the API spec generated by this campaign when setup is complete.
  2. Vertical: Lead Prosper has adopted verticals for categorizing campaigns so that you have greater control and organization when it comes to analytics, especially if you do business in many different sectors. 
    1. This field is not required to create a campaign. If this does not pertain to you, simply leave the field blank.
    2. We have predefined the main verticals in which most online lead generation is focused. 
      1. To setup a vertical for this campaign, simply choose the one best matches your campaign from the drop down. If none of the verticals match your specific use case, contact us and we'll add it in.
  3. Type: There are 3 campaign types to choose from in a multibuyer setup.
    1. Ping Tree/Waterfall
      1. Use the Ping Tree campaign type to set up a priority for your buyers to define who gets the first look at a new incoming lead.
      2. If a lead comes in, and your buyer in priority 1 rejects the lead, Lead Prosper will attempt to send the lead to the next buyer in the ping tree.
      3. Lead Prosper will attempt to send the lead to each buyer in the campaign until the lead has been accepted, or the lead has been attempted to send to each buyer 1 time.
    2. Send-To-All
      1. Use the Send-To-All campaign type to send an incoming lead to all buyers in the campaign.
      2. Use this campaign type for shared leads.
    3. Round-Robin
      1. Use the Round-Robin campaign type to evenly distribute leads to all buyers in the campaign.
      2. This campaign type will rotate buyers based on if they have accepted a lead. Once a buyer has accepted a lead, they are moved to the back of the line, and the next buyer in the campaign will receive first priority for the next lead. 
  4. When you have completed all necessary fields, click Next to save your campaign basic information and move on to the next step.

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