Everflow Integration

To enable Everflow you will have to go to integrations and from here you will click the Everflow integration box.

Next, add in your API key and click enable. An API call will be made to verify your API key.

To setup the Everflow integration in a campaign, edit your campaign and go to go to 3rd party integrations and click on Everflow. A setup modal will open. This could take a few moments as it depends on how many offers you have setup in your Everflow account.

Next, you’ll need to pick the field which the transaction_id from Everflow is being passed through. This is an important step, so Lead Prosper can make the proper event post back to Everflow, for the correct lead.

If you don’t have this field created yet, please make sure you add the field to the campaign. We recommend naming the field “ef_transaction_id” and setting it as a text field.

Now that you have your transaction_id field created you can select it in the Everflow configuration. You’ll also need to select the offer and the domain you’re using for this offer inside of your Everflow account. 

Finally, you have the available events that you can enable for a third party post back via the API we’ve provided for you or your buyer. You can toggle any of the events you’ve created in Everflow for this offer to be accessible via the API.

The “Allow event reversal” enable’s another post back option in the API spec created to automatically reverse a transaction.

When you click the Postback API specs URL link, you’ll be taken to the API spec for the Everflow event post back integration. You can use this API yourself or allow your “end-buyer” client to to update the event status’ of their leads. Your Everflow integration must be saved before this API spec will populate.

The API specs are pretty self explanatory, if you need some more help or have additional questions please feel free to contact our team.

The event’s you toggled on to be allowed to be triggered will be listed on the spec below the field parameters 


Webhooks will be pushed live shortly and you will be able to trigger your Everflow post back events when a lead is ACCEPTED, DUPLICATED or has FAILED.

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