Multi buyer campaign - things to know

When choosing a send to all  multi buyer campaign, it is important to know a few things:

  1. When viewing analytics for a multi buyer campaign, the number of requests for each buyer can be equal to the total number of requests at the campaign level. 
    In the example above, the campaign received 12 ingestion requests, and each buyer processed those 12 requests. This can be the case for highest bidder, where all buyers are pinged, for each new request. The number of requests represents how many times a buyer was involved when an ingestion request was received.
  2. When viewing analytics for a send to all campaign, we currently cannot calculate and display the following metrics: profit, margin, min buy price, max buy price, avg buy price at the buyer level. The buy related stats can be found at the campaign level.
  3. If you have created a multi buyer campaign that has received any requests, the campaign type can't be changed from send to all to another type. This is because the analytics would not match up properly and would be out of sync for legacy data.

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