New Campaign Checklist

Welcome to the Lead Prosper platform! The following article will cover the items necessary to set up a campaign and start sending or receiving live leads. Our knowledge base has many articles to cover each step along the way, so make sure to toggle “show tips” to “on” in the lower right hand corner of every page on the Lead Prosper app.

  • Supplier
    • Who will be supplying the leads for this campaign? They will need to be added as a client within Lead Prosper (even if you are generating the leads yourself), so that the platform can track where the lead came from.
  • Buyer
    • Just like the supplier, your buyer, or point where the lead will end up after its been processed and routed through Lead Proser, will need to be added as a client as well for clean tracking and analytics. 
  • Posting/API Instructions/Specs
    • You’ll also need detailed instructions on how the buyer, or endpoint, would like to receive leads from you and what (fields, etc) they require in order to successfully send them leads.
  • Pricing
    • In many cases, there is a buy and/or sell price associated with the leads you are planning to distribute through Lead Prosper. If your campaign does not require tracking buys/sells, move on – if you do, make sure to have pricing info handy.
  • Volume/Cap
    • Take control of overages and keep your budgets in line by setting volume caps – a needed feature for 99% of campaigns, and one to know while setting up your first few.
  • Filters
    • Fine tune your campaign by creating filters around the ideal consumer for your product or service. Get detailed here to really unleash the power of the platform.
  • Do you need validation?
    • Further enhance your lead quality by enabling any of our various integrations – validate email, phone, address, detect ad fraud, filter known screamers/attorneys, and much more – all in real time!
  • Timeline
    • Last, but not least, set expectations with an achievable timeline. While Lead Prosper cant speed up the entire process, we are confident most implementations can be completed within hours or less, and if you run into any snags, we take great pride in the support we offer to make sure you are getting the most out of the platform for your business.

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