Static Fields

In the Static Fields section, we are defining what unchanging data points (ex: SubIDs, passwords, usernames, keys, etc) Lead Prosper will be pass to your Buyer.

When looking at the Fields on the API specifications document provided by your client, the first thing we need to decide is whether a field listed on the document is a Campaign field or a Static field.

  • Static fields are fields your buyer's API requires, but are not necessary for your supplier to send over. 
    • Examples of static fields include, but not limited to: campaign id, api key, user name.

Add a Static Field

  1. Click +Add in the upper right corner of the Static fields box.
  2. The Add new static field window will pop requiring details about the field you are adding.
    1. Field name
      1. Choose a name tat best describes the field you are adding.
    2. Field description
      1. A description is not required, but can be used to record the fields purpose or to match your client spec exactly.
    3. Field value
      1. Whatever value entered here will "hardcode" into the API integration with your Buyer.
      2. Leave this field blank to set value on Supplier level.
      3. Common uses for this field are: SubIDs, passwords, usernames, keys, and more.
  3. Once you have completed all desired fields, click Save.
  4. Your new Static field will now show in the static fields box.

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