Lead Prosper Pricing

Lead Prosper's pricing model beyond its monthly minimum is on a monthly tiered Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis. This means, the more leads you process, the cheaper the tiers will become. Every new calendar month your tiers will reset, and you will start over again.

In the screenshot below, you can see all of our tiers and their prices.

Lead Prosper's pricing is based on your activity over a single calendar month. Your total cost will vary month to month as your monthly lead volume and activity varies.

You only pay an additional fee for:

  • Leads ingested by Lead Prosper. Regardless if they are a SUCCESS, DUPLICATE, or FAIL.
  • Inbound pings used by a Ping Post Exchange campaign ($1.00 for 10,000)
  • Pre-ping dupe checks ($1.00 for 10,000)

Read more about our pricing by accessing our pricing page here: Lead Prosper's Pricing

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