How to get the best support when building your first campaign

Lead Prosper is a " self-serve" lead distribution platform. This means the user has full control over their campaigns and they should do their best to understand the basics before reaching out to support so they don't run into the same issues over and over again.

Our team is more than happy to help assist you in building out your first API to get you up and running. We'll even record videos about the build-out to help you better understand what we did! From there, we expect one-off questions about different functionalities, but we also expect you to have completed most of the heavy lifting in building out your campaign.

To get the best support from the Lead Prosper team for your first campaign please make sure you've read about and/or have done the following:

  1. Read our New Campaign Checklist
  2. Create your campaign
    1. Add your fields with the correct field types according to your lead buyer's API specifications
    2. Add your supplier(s)
    3. Add your buyer(s)
    4. Add your filters on the supplier and buyer level if necessary
  3. Provide us with your API specs from your lead buyer

These simple steps will greatly reduce our turn-around time in getting back to you and you will have learned some of the basics of the platform!

Our goal is for you to be able to get to the point where the lead buyer is ready to be built out as that is where the most assistance is truly needed from our support team.

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